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Lets start off with a BIG HELLLLOOOOO!

We’re so happy that you’re checking out our blog. We wanted to give a more personal in-depth exclusive of our company.

The Epielle skin beauty has cleansers, sheet masks, make-up wipes, and a ton of other stuff dedicated to pampering your skin.

We never use crappy ingredients like other brands. Our products are high end but very affordable. We didn’t want to kill your wallet when we created epielle.

epielle is a k-beauty brand. For those of you who don’t know what K-Beauty are a skin care products that come from South Korea.

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The skin care products can be used for both men and women. We have products for all different types of skin (oily, combination, acne-prone, dry, wrinkly). People of all ages can use these products as well.

Here are some examples:

Oily Skin: Charcoal & Tea Tree Mask

The tea tree makes your face nice and cool. However the charcoal gets rid of the nasty stuff in your pores and the oil of course.

Acne Prone Skin: Acne Clear Patch

We wrote an entire blog for people with Acne Prone Skin HERE. However, this is seriously a lifesaver when you have something important like a meeting presentation etc.

Dry Skin: Honey & Oat Moisturizing Mask

This is for all the people who suffer from dry skin. Trust me I know your pain especially when its cold out. The honey helps with getting rid of the dry skin.

Combination Skin: Purifying Clay

This is one of the coolest products we have. Honestly, it smells AMAZING!!! This product is a 2 in 1. Which means you can use it as a face mask and a cleanser as well. It takes care of both the oily and dry skin at the same time. BAM! That’s what I call a useful product.

Wrinkly Skin: Snail Firming Mask

I promise that no snails were harmed in the making of this product. It’s not as gross as it sounds! It helps firm unwanted wrinkles and makes your skin feel super soft. Here’s a secret, my mom uses this product and she looks like she’s 35 again lol.

Hopefully this blog post gave you some insight on our company. Come check out the rest of the products HERE!


Acne Prone Skin

Skincare routine for Acne Prone Skin.

Young or old, many people struggle with Acne. It’s honestly horrible and super stressful. Annually 50 million people are affected in the United States. One of those people being me. Especially during high school, I wanted to hide under a rock because I hated my skin. I wish I had these products back then because I would’ve been more confident. ANYWAY…. Here are some of the products I wish I had back then.

Step 1: Using a face wash that helps with Acne. 

epielle Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub


•epielle Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub
•Salicylic Acid, Charcoal & Exfoliating Beads
•Leave your skin feeling smooth and also prevent future breakouts
•Provides deep clean that unclog pores
•1 Count/ 5.0 oz
•For all skin types

Step 2: Finding a mask that won’t make your face break out.

epielle Purifying Clay Cleanser/Mask


•epielle Purifying Clay can be used as a cleanser and a mask
•Salicylic Acid Draws out impurities 

Step 3: Having a spot treatment for bad acne spots.

epielle Acne Clear Patch

You might look ridiculous at first but who cares its night time!

• epielle Acne Clear Patch
•Promote healing and prevent future breakout
•Reduce inflammation and heal cystic acne faster
•Used at night time, wake up with less redness and inflammation
Acne can we scary for anyone especially if you have an important event or presentation. These products can help reduce the stress of having Acne.  Seriously if you have the time or need a quick fix try these out.

Gifts for Christmas

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Picking the right GIFT

Sometimes picking the right gift for people can be extremely difficult. You can’t go wrong with skincare. I already know what you’re thinking “Yeah right.” I’m being serious though, I know its hard to know a person’s skin type but everyone likes a good face mask… Even GUYS. Many won’t admit it but they secretly do.


What type of mask?

Hmmmmm… The struggle of finding a good mask perfect for your skin.

Well, let me tell you 5 different masks that is beneficial. So that you can get the specific results that you might be looking for.

1. Skin firming masks: Epielle snail moisturizing mask (no snails were injured) It’s not as gross as it might sound. I PROMISE

2. Facial Essence Mask: It’s not as scary as it looks lol the color is super intense but it does the job. It gets rid of all the gross leftover gunk that your makeup wipe couldn’t get.

3. Under Eye Mask: Well you can’t go wrong by giving this to someone. Everyone has those days when they didn’t get enough sleep. Whether or not it was from partying, work, raising a baby and even school.

4. Unicorn Mask: This one is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love cute masks like this? Not only is it cute but it has positive effects. It’s soothing and purifying. But the different animals have different effects. Such as lifting, hydrating and moisturizing. 

0419 Unicon Mask-1

5. Black charcoal peel off mask: Last but not least THE PEEL OFF MASK! This product is awesome it minimizes pore and gets cleanses your pores too. However, its even better because once its dry you can peel it off your face. It’s the coolest feeling when you start taking the mask off. 

0840 Black Charcoal Peel-Off Mask-6oz-1

These 5 masks make gifts/ stocking stuffers. You can’t go wrong with these problems and if you’re looking for a different type of mask you can find them HERE.

It’s quick easy and really affordable. Your wallet won’t be crying after you shop!

Banish Rough Hands and Feet with Our Gloves & Socks!


Does your skin care routine only involve facial products? If you think your face is the only area you should focus on when it comes to skin care then you are dead wrong! While your face may get most of the skin care love, there are plenty of other parts of your body that deserve just as much attention. Most people neglect those areas that work the hardest!  What about your hands and feet?! Walking, running, sweating, uncomfortable shoes, etc. are all things that could lead to aging of your feet. You need good products that could prevent issues from arising. Nobody likes to think of having callus, dry, cracked feet, or having warts and blisters but it happens. Using a product targeting these areas can prevent issues like those to occur.

Your hands can also come across any of the conditions mentioned above if you don’t take care of them! They are one of the most hard-working aspects of your body. Whether you’re typing at work, lifting at the gym, walking in the cold without gloves, or holding a cup of hot coffee, your hands are feeling the work. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of over-priced anti-wrinkle cream for your hands on the market. But don’t fall for the marketing gimmick! You don’t need crazy, expensive products to take care of your skin.

Your skin care fix for your hands and feet can be as easy as throwing on a pair of socks and gloves once a week. The Epielle line of Moisturizing Socks and Gloves are special moisturizing socks for these two often forgotten areas. The Moisturizing line contains Sunflower Seed oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E. They are perfect for soothing dry and rough hands. These gloves are multi-taskers! The essential oils loaded with intensive fortifying emulsions strengthen nails, moisturize hands, and soften cuticles. The gel formula inside can be used with your regular moisturizer as it will not interact with any ingredients. If you want to switch it up, the Hydrating formula contains shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E! This is a body heat activated formula that can also be used with your other products.

The Epielle Beauty team shows you exactly how to use them in the video HERE or watch it below So don’t leave your hands and feet without any love on your next spa day! Purchase your set at the link below and give us your thoughts on the products on our pages!

BUY HERE: https://kareway.com/collections/hand-…


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My Journey into Sheet Masks

Facial Kits
3-Step Complete Facial Kit (includes a sheet mask!)

At the heart and soul of Korean Beauty products are sheet masks. I’ve been a major skin care junkie for quite a while but those soft, silky, papery masks haven’t always been in my stash. I loved, loved, loved slathering my face with a mud mask, clay mask, or anything in a jar that would promise me “flawless, blemish-free skin.” I went through all the different trends, hit all the different price points, and tried all the different selling platforms. My stash ranged from high end Nordstrom masks to cheap best-selling Amazon mud and clay masks.

My Addiction
I loved going out for hours shopping for skin care and trying new things, and after years of testing out so many different formulas, I came to know my skin very well. I knew what affected it and what worked, as well as what irritated it and wouldn’t use again. I stopped picking out things on a whim or just based on the label and I got into more complicated masks that needed a few ingredients if it meant the best for my face. With every purchase came hours of research. But with school and work, I became busier and busier and I didn’t have the time to run around looking for different add on ingredients, go out and buy them, or clean up the random smears and pieces of hardened clay that fell off my face. I needed a simpler mask that I could throw on for nights when I couldn’t do all the other maintenance required. I was then introduced to Korean Beauty.
At first I wasn’t very attracted to a lot of the products. I had plenty of serums, toners, cleansers, etc. None of that was new to me since I was an avid skin care fan. I had also never heard of it and only used products people swore by or had tons of research and reviews. I had become terrified of messing up my face. Sheet masks specifically, were practically unheard of to me. I had seen a few at random stores but couldn’t bring myself to pick them up without research. So, I never did. I just passed them on the aisles and didn’t bother with a second glance. I finally tried my first sheet mask in college and it happened through Amazon. I loved Amazon since I had less and less time to buy in stores. I was looking for my usual mask pots, excited to see if there was something new I could try and read the countless reviews to see if it might be suitable for my skin. Then off to the side, I see some very colorful packets. I honestly cannot remember what brand they were, but they were definitely Korean. I clicked out of curiosity and read about how convenient they were for one-time use. I was excited. I could come home late from work and not have to worry about a mess or mixing ingredients. I could just go about my routine and throw it on! No chunks would fall off on my couch as I sat down to watch the cooking channel. But before I got too excited, I read the reviews and went through countless websites talking about them. There I was, introduced into the world of Korean Beauty, where one click lead me to ten other new products.

I was honestly confused as to how I had never come across them before. I found masks that had glowing reviews. They were literally these cotton paper things with holes drenched in serum. I thought at first that the serum might be too moisturizing; I was used to drying out my face because of how oily I was. But they had something for EVERY skin concern. If one brand didn’t have it, another did. What really sold me was the price. I could buy packets of 12 for like 15 dollars. I only planned on using them twice a week. So that was only 15 bucks for two months. Meanwhile I was shelling out almost 100 for some of my Nordstrom pots! I placed my first order and waited for them in the mail.

Here comes the “BUT”…
It’s very important to know certain things about sheet masks. They’re not meant to replace your regular masks, I only use them about once a week but still use my regular masks. They’re also best for hydrating and moisturizing, so if you have oily skin, they’re definitely not for everyday use. I loved them though for helping me out on the days I over dried my skin. If I went overboard trying to minimize the oil my skin produced, I ended flaking from dryness. The sheet masks were great to bring back needed hydration.

Back to my order…
It’s safe to say that I was in love with the masks I received. I kept researching brand after brand and fell further into sheet masks and Korean Beauty. We’re currently extending our sheet mask line and the new designs are my favorite! I can’t wait for you all to see them. Whether its your first time trying sheet masks or you’re a die hard fan, check out the ones we have available below and give us your thoughts. If you want a full spa day, try one of our 3-Step Complete Facial Kit (featured above and video on this coming next week!)

SKIN CARE ESSENTIAL: Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar is a term that you should have heard of by now if you’re into skin care or makeup (or both because you can’t ever have too much of either, frankly). While it may be everywhere, you might still have some questions as to why this product should be incorporated into your skin care routine, and we can help! We want to give you a special look at our Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water and why this product and its packaging makes it a staple for your skin care routine.

We talked about it lightly on our previous post, but this video is a must for a more detailed look at its uses! Epielle specializes in skin care and has a lot of products coming right from Korea, focusing on their Epielle KBeauty line.

Play the video below and let our Epielle Beauty Team show you how they use our Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water. These two girls will try all our products and answer any questions you might have regarding them, skin care, skin concerns, and honestly anything else (they’re very friendly and open to your suggestions!) So be sure to check out more of their videos as they share their skin concerns and experiences with you through Epielle.


FESTIVAL SEASON: MUST READ if you’re attending one soon!

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I hope shes’s wearing sunscreen…

Festival Season is among us! Now if you’re like me, that means countless hours of planning exactly what you’re going to take for the drive, your outfits/makeup, and for things you might need during the festival itself. If I accidentally leave an item behind that was essential to my routine, I have a brief breakdown where my entire weekend is ruined. That is, until I run into a store and re-buy the item (if it’s one I can get my hands on easily). Luckily, I’ve got my event planning skills down and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. Continue reading