Our brand: EPIELLE

Lets start off with a BIG HELLLLOOOOO! We’re so happy that you’re checking out our blog. We wanted to give a more personal in-depth exclusive of our company. Well…The Epielle skin beauty has cleansers, sheet masks, make-up wipes, and a ton of other stuff dedicated to pampering your skin. We never use crappy ingredients like other brands. Our products are high end but very affordable. … Continue reading Our brand: EPIELLE

Acne Prone Skin

Skincare routine for Acne Prone Skin. Young or old, many people struggle with Acne. It’s honestly horrible and super stressful. Annually 50 million people are affected in the United States. One of those people being me. Especially during high school, I wanted to hide under a rock because I hated my skin. I wish I had these products back then because I would’ve been more … Continue reading Acne Prone Skin

Gifts for Christmas

Picking the right GIFT Sometimes picking the right gift for people can be extremely difficult. You can’t go wrong with skincare. I already know what you’re thinking “Yeah right.” I’m being serious though, I know its hard to know a person’s skin type but everyone likes a good face mask… Even GUYS. Many won’t admit it but they secretly do. What type of mask? Hmmmmm… … Continue reading Gifts for Christmas

Banish Rough Hands and Feet with Our Gloves & Socks!

Does your skin care routine only involve facial products? If you think your face is the only area you should focus on when it comes to skin care then you are dead wrong! While your face may get most of the skin care love, there are plenty of other parts of your body that deserve just as much attention. Most people neglect those areas that … Continue reading Banish Rough Hands and Feet with Our Gloves & Socks!

My Journey into Sheet Masks

At the heart and soul of Korean Beauty products are sheet masks. I’ve been a major skin care junkie for quite a while but those soft, silky, papery masks haven’t always been in my stash. I loved, loved, loved slathering my face with a mud mask, clay mask, or anything in a jar that would promise me “flawless, blemish-free skin.” I went through all the … Continue reading My Journey into Sheet Masks

SKIN CARE ESSENTIAL: Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar is a term that you should have heard of by now if you’re into skin care or makeup (or both because you can’t ever have too much of either, frankly). While it may be everywhere, you might still have some questions as to why this product should be incorporated into your skin care routine, and we can help! We want to give you a … Continue reading SKIN CARE ESSENTIAL: Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water


FESTIVAL SEASON: MUST READ if you’re attending one soon!

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I hope shes’s wearing sunscreen…

Festival Season is among us! Now if you’re like me, that means countless hours of planning exactly what you’re going to take for the drive, your outfits/makeup, and for things you might need during the festival itself. If I accidentally leave an item behind that was essential to my routine, I have a brief breakdown where my entire weekend is ruined. That is, until I run into a store and re-buy the item (if it’s one I can get my hands on easily). Luckily, I’ve got my event planning skills down and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. Continue reading “FESTIVAL SEASON”