Gifts for Christmas

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Picking the right GIFT

Sometimes picking the right gift for people can be extremely difficult. You can’t go wrong with skincare. I already know what you’re thinking “Yeah right.” I’m being serious though, I know its hard to know a person’s skin type but everyone likes a good face mask… Even GUYS. Many won’t admit it but they secretly do.


What type of mask?

Hmmmmm… The struggle of finding a good mask perfect for your skin.

Well, let me tell you 5 different masks that is beneficial. So that you can get the specific results that you might be looking for.

1. Skin firming masks: Epielle snail moisturizing mask (no snails were injured) It’s not as gross as it might sound. I PROMISE

2. Facial Essence Mask: It’s not as scary as it looks lol the color is super intense but it does the job. It gets rid of all the gross leftover gunk that your makeup wipe couldn’t get.

3. Under Eye Mask: Well you can’t go wrong by giving this to someone. Everyone has those days when they didn’t get enough sleep. Whether or not it was from partying, work, raising a baby and even school.

4. Unicorn Mask: This one is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love cute masks like this? Not only is it cute but it has positive effects. It’s soothing and purifying. But the different animals have different effects. Such as lifting, hydrating and moisturizing. 

0419 Unicon Mask-1

5. Black charcoal peel off mask: Last but not least THE PEEL OFF MASK! This product is awesome it minimizes pore and gets cleanses your pores too. However, its even better because once its dry you can peel it off your face. It’s the coolest feeling when you start taking the mask off. 

0840 Black Charcoal Peel-Off Mask-6oz-1

These 5 masks make gifts/ stocking stuffers. You can’t go wrong with these problems and if you’re looking for a different type of mask you can find them HERE.

It’s quick easy and really affordable. Your wallet won’t be crying after you shop!

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